Musical Ear: September 3, 2011

After reading the blog of composer/violinist/violist Sakura Dixon, I got the idea to make some of my music musings about the "cool stuff I'm listening to," as she says. In this way, I can share with others my excitement of experiencing the new, amazing music I find. This week, in doing score study for the... Continue Reading →

One in, one out

Last week I finally finished the trio for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano. I decided to go with the title, "Mood Ring" to reflect the changing timbres of the piece. I was able to finish up the editing and get it to the players this past weekend. It feels wonderful to finish a piece, and even... Continue Reading →

First trio for violin, clarinet and piano

I just recently finished the first draft of my first trio for violin, clarinet, and piano. It was a great experience writing it; I was able to unleash my creativity and write without boundaries. I'm writing this piece for the Trio Moderno under the commission of its clarinetist, Michelle Lewandowski. Her only requirement was that... Continue Reading →

In the beginning, there was a blog…

I'm very excited to write my first ever blog entry on my new blog/website. In case you don't know me (or if you DO know me and simply want an update to know me better), I'm a music student at Michigan State University.  I'm working on a Master's degree in Music Composition and a post-bachelor's... Continue Reading →

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