New works

Since my last post last year (oops!) so much has happened.  I’ve finished a whopping three pieces, all of which are multi-movement.  I’ve even had one read by the new music group at MSU and another performed on a Graduate Premiere’s concert.

New pieces:

A piece for violin quartet and percussion (name currently with-held)

“Isolated Reveries” for Unaccompanied Bb Clarinet

A piece for SATB choir and piano (name currently with-held)

If all goes well with the editing process this weekend, I hope to enter 1-2 of my pieces composed here at MSU into the Michigan State University Honor’s Competition.  The winning pieces in the categories of band, choir, or new music ensemble will be pieces performed next year.

I’m hoping that the judge will at least give comments to all the entries. I really look forward to helpful advice and constructive criticism in order to help these pieces grow.  There’s still things in each of them I’m not completely satisfied with.  However, I know that they are as complete as I can possibly make them with the skills I have today.  I’ve put my sweat, tears, and (in the cases of paper cuts…) blood into these works.  Long, late hours or early mornings have gone into the creation of each moment of music.

No matter what the outcome of the competition, I’m keeping this quote in mind:

I know that these are some of the best pieces I’ve written to date.  They show a level of thought and technique I never thought I’d develop.  To me I feel like I’ve already accomplished something.  The greatest thing I could hope for is to receive comments for improvement and that one day people will willingly want to play  my music.

If you want to play my music, feel free to let me know.  Contact me for more information.  I hope to get the “music” tab of my site up and running again soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

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