One in, one out

Last week I finally finished the trio for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano. I decided to go with the title, “Mood Ring” to reflect the changing timbres of the piece. I was able to finish up the editing and get it to the players this past weekend. It feels wonderful to finish a piece, and even better when you have people who want to play it ready to go.

Now I’m revisiting a piece I started last semester. It’s for string quartet and percussion. I managed to pare the percussion parts down from 4 people to 2, due to the fact that they can double up on instruments throughout the piece. Plus, I cut out some of the larger instruments I didn’t really need, and knew it would cause a hassle to procure; ex: bass drum, vibes, etc.

Have I mentioned how much I love the guiro? They're not just for elementary music classrooms. 🙂
The percussion instruments I’m using so far include timpani, cow bell, wood blocks, high hat, marimba, and possibly a guiro in the third movement.

While I’ve taken a long break from the arduous work I was doing on the first movement, ideas for the third and second movements are crowding my brain. Now, to find time around school, teaching, and house work to get all these ideas down!!

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