First trio for violin, clarinet and piano

I just recently finished the first draft of my first trio for violin, clarinet, and piano. It was a great experience writing it; I was able to unleash my creativity and write without boundaries.

I’m writing this piece for the Trio Moderno under the commission of its clarinetist, Michelle Lewandowski. Her only requirement was that she wanted it to sound, “pretty,” unlike “a lot of that weird new music.” Being a hopeless Neo-Romantic, I was happy to please! It’s fun to write music that’s more tonal and calm than some of the things I’m writing these days.

On Monday I unveiled the first draft to Trio Moderno’s clarinetist and pianist with warm, excited acceptance. With a few revisions to the ending, it should be good to go. I can’t wait to work on it with them, and (as many digitally notating composers yearn to) hear it on real instruments!!

The only thing is…what do we call it? My husband suggested something about “vampires” due to a particularly haunting riff in the middle section. Due to the changing colors but recycling of rhythmic motives, I’m thinking something more about “mood changes.” Thoughts?

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  1. One of the things I would like to focus on more in the next few years is collaborating with players in the initial writings of a piece, especially for players who are eager to have it written before they even read it. It’s really exciting, and I’ve found that it’s a great way to cure writer’s block, even if meeting a deadline is the only motivation at one point or another.

    Best wishes with your new piece!


    1. Thanks for the feedback! We have a class at MSU in which composers and performers actually do collaborate in a sort of “symbiosis” format to compose a piece together, which is performed at the end of the semester. I’m hoping that with classes like that, more performers will be accepting to the idea of collaboration in the future without the necessity of a class. Collaboration does seem like a great way to amass a lot of creativity and smash through writer’s block.

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